Message from the President

Greetings ‘A’ club members

On behalf of us old farts, I would like to wish every lady in this fine club a Happy Valentines Day. Sometimes we get too wrapped up with our hobby to think about it, so I'm taking this little space to help those that forgot! Okay guys, you're covered.

This year is my second year serving as President of our Model A club and I wish to thank all that serve on our board and activities committees. I have tried to attend all our outings and events and have been very grateful and fortunate for your much appreciated support. Believe me, you have all made me very proud to be a part of such a great group of people.

This job wouldn't be easy to do without your help. However, without the blood pressure and memory pills, and the eye drops I would really be stuck.

Our secretary Monica, also has helped me out of a couple of tight squeezes. Tom and Judy has kept us active with trips and tours. Rick and Dee saw to it we had a great place for brunch and I had great assistance from Ron and Edna. Now you see what I meant when I nicknamed you the ‘A’ team.

Muchas gracias mi amigos!

Tom Valdez
El Presidente


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Paradise Valley Model A Ford Club
P.O. Box 1120
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