Message from the President

Hi, Paradise Valley Model A Ford Club Members,

Looking at the past month we had a brunch at one of our new sponsors, Siquio’s in Colton, which was very well attended. We took the metrolink to the California Science Center to see the Pompeii and Endeavor Exhibits. I think that I learned much more than I could have ever imaged about the events that lead up to the destruction of that city. I missed the first trip to see the Endeavor and I was impressed with the exhibit that is on display now. I wanted to jump up there and clean the darn thing because it was dirty.

Coming up is the Constitution Day Car Show in Redlands which is FREE and gives you the chance to relax and enjoy reenactments of when our Constitution was signed. Bring your chairs and relax. Take your Honey to Bunch will be at Vince’s on the 14th. You get a lot of great spaghetti that even Dave takes home for two-three meals.

Tonight we will be taking motions for our new officers for 2015. We need a new President, Treasurer and new Board members. Become involved in the club that you enjoy and bring to the club new and exciting ideas.

Swapmeet---BIGGEST event of the Year. ALL Club Members, New and Old, Need to help. See John and Cheri to sign up for duties.

Lets have fun with what we love and keep the love of The Model A alive. We (me) are getting old and it is hard to get them on the road so it is our goal to excite the younger people to push us in helping them to replace us.

Ron Blackwell

There's never a dull moment! Keep an eye on upcoming events.

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