Message from the President

Greetings ‘A’ club members

This month I would like to thank the great people that contributed to a great month of ’A’ club activities. My sincere thanks to Judy and Tom for organizing an amazing trip to Los Angeles, visiting Union Station, Olivera Street and around Chinatown. The trip consisted of 33 participants that I'm sure enjoyed our ride on the Metrolink trains to our destination. Upon arrival we were greeted by two docents that split us into groups and gave us a great tour of the historic Depot with historical information on how and when it was built. An hour lunch break was also divided between several restaurants. After lunch we took a lap around Chinatown eventually ending back at Union Station for the return trip. Discussions at the board meeting brought up other possibilities of trips in and around the local area to visit and other places of interest. But in order to participate and get all the updated information you should attend the General Meetings for times, and cost. Stay tuned for upcoming events. I'm sure you all enjoy your outings, it's designed for senior citizens and no Model A driving. As for Model A driving, we are signed up to participate in the Highland and Redlands 4th of July parades. Then after the festivities we will have lunch at Sizzlers.

Tom Valdez
El Presidente


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