Message from the President

Greeting Club Members

Well, so far, so good. I hope as time goes by we’ll be having fun activities and outings for all to enjoy. Now that the days are longer we will be enjoying outings and activities without having to drive home in the dark!

I wish to thank all the committee members that agreed to continue to serve in their respective activities. The great ladies that provide the wonderful snacks and refreshments and the ‘cookie lady’ that makes my day (and raises my sugar intake level!) Richard Bronstrup for his informative Tech talks and John Benson for the raffles and opportunity drawings. For the coordination of TYHTB by Rick and Dee for the wonderful outings and the planned trips by Judy that are always a great experience, and to all that contributed to the success of our club meetings and outings.

Now, that's why I nickname you all the “A-team”.

Our 2015 calendar is complete and the treasury is healthy. I am looking forward to attending the CCRG festivities in Santa Maria.

Tom Valdez


Countdown to our annual Swapmeet

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Contact Information

Paradise Valley Model A Ford Club
P.O. Box 1120
Rialto, CA 92377